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Music Video Showcase
Here you will find some of our favorite island, beach and trop rock music videos & reviews. Enjoy and if you have a favorite of your own that you would like us to showcase email us the artist and title, or the youtube link and we will be happy to post it for you. Please include your name and where you live along with any comments on your music video selection. We may even make you an honorary Beach Life Radio music critic!
Jimmy Buffett Bama Breeze
​It's hard for me to pick a favorite Jimmy Buffett Song, I like them all, but Bama Breeze is one of my top ten....

This is JB's official video for the song "Bama Breeze" off of his new album. This video put a tear in my eye...and only those of us who understand know why.
Jimmy Buffet quotes -"Bama Breeze
 A song that was brought to me by Renee Bell, who is and old friend who has done this for a long time and is very good at it. It's one of those that I wished that I had written, and the kids that wrote this song hit the nail on the head. Bama Breeze, is obviously about the Floribama, which is a coming of age bar that people on the Gulf Coast know as well as I do. I have a friend up in Nantucket , who has a couple of restaurants and it's staffed by twenty year old college students. They were having a party one time and I dropped in and I said "What do all think about this?", and I mean these are northeastern college kids and this is supposed to be my version of a country song. They just went "Oh man". Everybody's got a Bama Breeze in their life, I figure."
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Zac Brown Band Jump Right In
Look out Jimmy "B" The Zac Brown Band is Hot Hot Hot! This video was shot at the world famous Holiday Isle Resort & Tiki Bar in Islamorada Florida. Parrot Heads everywhere are loving the ZBB.......